6 Minutes to Learn The Types of Corner Bet in Sportsbook Gambling Online

In football, there are so many different bets you can use and apply onto it. However, you need to understand all terms and also parts of bet because it will help you so much on the game to win and also decide the best choice for you. One of the betting types in sbobet you need to choose is Corner 2 way. You just have need 6 minutes to know what this means and how to play using this bet so you know how to deal with it in your chosen sport like football since this is one of the most popular betting options.

6 Minutes to Learn Corner 2 Way in Sportsbook Gambling Online

Corner 2 way means the corners are taken in total by all teams on the field and it can be either under or over with certain number which has been specified before. There are some important rules which do hinder corners count in another way. The first rule you need to know is if the corner is re-taken more than one time because of several reasons such as referee, the corner count may be taken just one. Meanwhile, the second rule is the corner numbers is counted only for the first 90 minutes of the match and it means, the injury time is excluded from corner bet.

The extra time on the match will not be counted as well in this gambling online bet. You need to know as well the third rule since it involves the corners awarded before the players can take them. The referee will blow the whistle to indicate the game is over. Those will never be considered in this betting since those were not taken. If the football match is abandoned because of some problems or the circumstances which are unavoidable at all. Those bets are deemed or nullified as void.

If you are confused to know about it, then you should have 6 minutes to learn from the example. Let’s say that Over is 8.5 or 11/6 and under is also the same with 8.5 or 13/5. If you bet by choosing under, the the return you may get is about S130 if you play with $50 of the bet. If you choose over, then you can get the return about $110 for every $60 of the bet. You have to understand well about the terms inside so you will not be disappointed after making decision. However, Corner 2 way is not only bet you can play.

6 Minutes to Learn Corner 3 Way in Sportsbook Gambling Online

There is also another alternative beside Corner 2 way and this is Corner 3 way. It is quite different from Corner 2 way and there are three different bets on one match which are Money Line, Handicap and Totals. This kind of bet in bola55 sbobet is used across so many different major leagues in both Champions League and also Europe. In the Totals betting, the casino or oddsmaker will set the figure for expected combination of corners’ numbers and players can choose whether they will think the corners’ numbers in the game may be under or over the amount.

Meanwhile, the corner betting of handicap is using the the same format as the regular Handicap betting you use in other sports. In this game, the oddsmaker will give an advantage to one side which is the plus point and also at the same time, the oddsmaker will give the disadvantage to another side which is the minus point. Somehow, the team that will get the advantage is always the inferior or the weak team. At the same time, the team that will get the disadvantage is the strongest team in match.

You can take a look at the example of the game between Manchester City and Sunderland in 6 minutes. In this game, Sunderland is considered as the weak team so it means they get +3 from the oddsmaker while City gets -3 as the strongest team. To make the players who choose City win, then City need to win more than 4 corners than Sunderland and perhaps, they can do more than 4. It will give them +1 of the corner after winning the handicap. Actually, Sunderland also has the perfect chance to win.

Those who bet on Sunderland will win if the corners are no more than 3 made by Manchester City. Meanwhile, the Money Line is so simple and straightforward in this sbobet online because in this bet, you just need to choose which team will win the corners most within 90 minutes of the match. The corner 3 way is liked by many people more compared to other bets. However, you need to learn so much before using it so there is no silly mistake you make in gambling online.